• Category: Web Development
  • Client: Cuseum, LLC
  • Project date: Jun 10th, 2020
  • Project URL:https://cuseum.com/
  • Email: support@cuseum.com
  • Phone: (617) 356-8200

WebApp Repository

Also fixed bugs, as well as optimized and added new features in two repositories of the company.

* In summary:
• Back-end development using Ruby on Rails with MySQL, PostgreSQL & Redis + Sidekiq.
• Front-end development (HAML & ERB) using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 & Bootstrap
• Software Engineering applying Agile Software Development Methodology (Kanban).
• Daily testing of the source code with Rspec and control versioning using Git.
• Documented my projects using Jira and Confluence.
• Application monitoring and error tracking using Sentry.